Lowrance Electronics Sonar Bass

Electronics + Fishing Class $600

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***Place Deposit and pay in full the day of the trip! Unless you're purchasing as a gift. 

Learn how to go out and find fish like these with structure scan!

$600 - Electronics class PLUS how to fish for them once you find them. 8-9hr


The class can be given in my boat or your boat. Whether you want to just learn your units or find fish and then learn how to catch the fish you see.

  • I will optimize your settings for you.
  • I will teach you a system of how to find bass and locate areas to scan for fish based on the time of year.
  • I will teach you how to differentiate between fish, structure, and how to tell if they are actively feeding.
  • I will teach you the importance of down scan, side scan, sonar, and when it is appropriate to use which system.

You will leave the class with simplified and EFFECTIVE approach to finding fish offshore!