Wheeler Lake Smallmouth and Spotted Bass!

Wheeler Lake Smallmouth and Spotted Bass!

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Wheeler Lake Fishing Guide

The smallmouth and spotted bass population on Wheeler lake have started booming over the last 3 years! It can be some of the most fun fishing on the Tennessee River at times, and is hands down one of  the most over looked lakes on the Tennessee River chain.

When its tough its tough, however MOST of the time you are going to catch 20+ fish in an outing on Wheeler. If you ever get bored we can make a striped bass pit stop and catch 2 at a time! Great pleasure fishing lake for sure.

These two fish fell for a True Bass Swimbaits Little Head 4.5 and Perfect Head 5.5 on a 1/2 and 3/4 ounce True Lock Head. My favorite color 99 Problems. You can use the code TRYUS20 your first time ordering from the website!

You have three sections of the lake to focus on: The River, Ingalls Harbor area and Decatur Flats, and the lower end. The first two are self explanitory, and the third is more of a deep highland style fishing. Then it transitions into Wilson Lake. Which right below Wheeler Dam on Wilson Lake is one of the best big smallmouth and largemouth destinations. The tailrace is famed for catching 30+lb (5 fish) sacks of fish out of the current.

If you haven't fished these lakes give me a call, and lets go catch some brown fish!

Capt Ryan Salzman, (256) 508-5260