How To Frog Fish Grass Mats on Guntersville

Frog Fishing on Guntersville is on FIRE

frog fishing guntersville

Frog fishing on Guntersville is a staple technique for this lake. Especially during the fall time period. What happens is the grass slowly dies from the bottom up once it tops out on the surface. Once cooler temperatures arrive the grass mat is thin enough to where bass can readily ambush blue gill feeding on bugs on the surface of the grass mat. This makes for a easy meal for the largemouth bass on Lake Guntersville. It also makes for some very explosive strikes. 

Frog colors are a plenty on the tackle shelves at all the Bass Pro Shops and local tackle stores. I am going to tell you some of the best frog colors to throw on the surface of the mat to increase your success the next time you go frog fishing. My all time favorite color for frog fishing is rainforest black by Spro. I throw the Spro 65 version the majority of the time. Non popping. This frog is black with yellow squiggles on the bottom of the frog. Adding just enough breakup pattern to make the frog really imitate something naturally occurring. My second favorite is solid black... go figure. IF you don't know what frog to throw... just throw black. The other few colors I keep in my box are blue gill, sexy shad, and a color called 'red ear.' Red ear is a key color when its really calm and the grass mat is a little thin. Its a brown colored frog. 

Frog cadence is key. EVERYONE I see fishing a frog is fishing the frog way too fast on the surface of the grass mat. All you need to do is drag 1 to 3 times. Not far. Then you want to pause the frog 1 to 3 seconds. It takes patience but I promise you that the fish are going to crush your lure. When you work the frog this way your hookup ratio increases drastically as well. Because you're working it slower the fish have a chance to hone in on the frog and fully inhale the bait. Make sure to wait a second or two before setting the hook. The majority of my clients miss their first few fish because they jerk before the fish fully takes the frog under. Even when I tell them. It's hard to do when you see a big bass crush your frog, but resist the temptation to jerk when you see that. Wait.... then set the hook. 

My setup is a 7'3 - 6 power heavy rod for my grass mat froggin. I throw the frog on 50lb - 65lb Yozuri Super Line depending on how thick the grass is. Target the thinest grass mats you can find that have the popping. The popping is blue gill feeding on the surface. We often look for the 'cheese.' The cheese is the yellowish green film that has formed on the surface of the grass mat. I hope these tips help you catch more frog fish on Guntersville. Make sure to wait to set the hook. Use the right frog. Fish the cheese. Fish it slow. ALSO, shove a rattle up its butt :) 

Till next time... TIGHT LINES

Captain Salzy. 

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