Guntersville CHOO CHOO BFL Super Tournament SEPT 29, 2017

Had a great super tournament on Guntersville to end the year. I made the day 2 cut and ended up finishing the event in 10th place. I feel that I should have done way better. Lost a key fish day 1, and had sever fish miss my Bullshad on Day 2. Thats the way it goes sometimes! Had a blast doing it. Caught some giant spotted bass this event. Guntersville is going strong. Ended up  4th in points for the year on the FLW Choo Choo trail. All in all it was a great year. Two top 10s and a lot of great fish caught.  I will be fishing the FLW Costas next year! Super excited, and looking forward to catching some big ol BASS!

Lake Guntersville BFL Super Tournament