FLW Choo Choo BFL - Stop 1 Lake Guntersville

FLW Choo Choo BFL - Stop 1 Lake Guntersville

Stop 1 at Lake Guntersville had its highs and lows. I am going to keep it short and sweet. I was guiding all week for the Rat L Trap tournament clients, so naturally I got tuned into a solid trap bite. The Friday before the tournament I had to sell a boat that morning. I got on the water at noon and fished for 3 hours. I decided to check my deep pattern.

The result.... a 4lber on every stop I made. Of course my head is now in a pretzel... Do I go deep or shallow... I couldn't decide so on sticking to one thing, so I opted to blend the two together. I was on a decent morning trap bite so I would start off with that, switch to a deep bite mid day, then go back to trapping once the sun pulls some bigger females up to sun themselves.

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Morning started out with tons of fish... only they weren't keepers. The bucks moved in big time. Caught at least 50 fish in the morning with only 2 keepers by 1030AM. Then I go deep thinking if I get a couple decent 4lbers I can try for a big girl in the afternoon. My co angler catches a four lb fish off one of the stops. That hurt. In the end I could have used that one! lol. None of the deep fishing yields a keeper. Caught 4 shorts. I move shallow the last hour.

Stop 1 with trap no fish. Stop 2 I get SLAMMED throwing a strike king 1/2 ounce red eye. I Power-Pole down, and begin to make repeated casts to the same spot. On the third cast the rod loads and doesn't move... Then a giant comes up cart wheeling in the air. I fight it for a good minute as it keeps diving under the boat, and I feel a hook break. Started to slightly panic. I even told my co I felt a hook break. As he comes up my awesome co goes deep with the net and comes up with a 7lber! We high five and try to keep the train rolling. However that was my last fish.

I weighed in 11 something with 3 fish. My first keeper came on an alabama rig with the new True Bass Swimbaits "The Minner" 3.5. Second keeper actually came on a buzzbait!

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