Winter Fishing Pickwick Lake!

Winter Fishing Pickwick Lake!

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Winter time fishing Pickwick Lake can be very challenging! However, it can be the best time of year to fish. I believe that goes for any lake. If you can crack the code for fishing the lake during this time of year you will usually catch some of the biggest fish. Different patterns on the lake right now change day to day with the flooding, grass, and changing of water color. 

High Water and Flooding

Every year during the month of December or January you can make a hard bet that we are going to have some kind of flood on the Tennessee River. I don't think I can remember a year where we didn't have some kind of flood. The reason for that is we usually get some gulf moisture that pushes cold air out around Christmas time each year. When its flooding you want to definitely look at the water color. If its clear the only thing I am going to throw is a shad style bait. The Alabama Rig, scrounger with a Shiver Glide ( Reaction Innovations ), and a single True Bass Swimbait in 4.5 and 5.5 inch on a 1/4 to 3/4 ounce True Lock Head. 

If the water is dirty while the lake is flooded which is most of the time; you're going to want to stick with some more vibration baits. These kind of baits are going to big spinnerbaits, YOZURI rattle baits, Duel Hardcore Crankbaits, and even chatterbaits.

Grass on Pickwick Lake this Winter

The grass on Pickwick this winter is hanging on tough!! David Allen and I have been super impressed with how much grass overcame the lake this year. We talk about that in the video above. Some really great content in our conversation. In conclusion to our conversation in the podcast the grass will be here in 2020. The spring should be phenomenal and we are going to start seeing even bigger stringers of fish on Pickwick Lake because of the grass. It provides a greater habitat, oxygen, and makes the lake very healthy. Hopefully the TVA doesn't destroy it all. There will be a lot of events won out of the grass this year. If you are fishing this winter use a jerkbait or crankbait around grass edges, and I bet you put some fish in the boat. If its dirty use the craw pattern colors, and if the water is clean use the shad or translucent colors. 

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Ryan Salzman