True Bass Swimbait Fishing- Guntersville 11/13/2016

true bass swimbait guntersville

Water Temperature: 66
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Whew what a day! Caught the mess out of em... Started out frogging. Missed a GIANT on a frog... 7+ easy. We watched him jump over it twice. Switched gears to a True Bass Swimbait, Rapala Shadow Rap, and started wrecking them. Rigged a few up: 1/4 ounce head 4.5 inch, 1/2 ounce head 4.5 inch, and 3/4 ounce 5.5 inch (prototype). Best colors are hands down TRUE BLUE and 99 Problems. Waterfront has our new True Lock head in stock. Waterfront and GTO just got restocked with the little head and big head as well.

You can give up the frog for more bites, but you can suffer and possibly catch a giant. We have had some ferocious bites with it. Can be tricky to hook at times because of how compacted some of the mats have become with the wind blowing on them.

The trend is definitely towards a dead grass transition throwing a swimjig, trap, True Bass, and jig in the grass. Call me I have days available to take you fishing.

Call Capt. Ryan Salzman, 256-508-5260