Topwater Fun - Guntersville 2016

topwater guntersville

Water Temperature: 71
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

This is the past two days on Guntersville. Today we caught around 15 fish on the Rapala X-Prop and frog, however we had more blows from big fish today than I have had all fall. Probably 20 blow ups, but the big ones were so aggressive they would miss it. The little punkin heads would choke it.

Yesterday we caught around 30 fish with some nice quality. Missed a few big blow ups but caught a few too! Best thing I can tell you is patience. We had most of our frog bites in an hour window today. Fish are finally starting their fall ritual of gorging on shad throughout the day. Every warm up slows it down, but every cold front the snap into feeding mode. Hopefully we can keep some steady temps in the 70s and get some colder nights.

I have days available starting next week. Lets go fishing!

Capt Ryan Salzman 256-508-5260