Topwater Fishing Lake Guntersville - November 7, 2016

frog fishing guntersville

Water Temperature: 68
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

I hope everyone is enjoying their hoodie weather! This is part 2 for last week on Guntersville. The front rolled through on Friday. Their was still a decent frog bite during the day, however the "windy" mats were not productive. We had to find some protected grass. Managed some solid keepers on the frog, and my clients father lost a pretty big one on a spinning rod frog setup I have. It cannon balled it and got off at the boat :_(

Saturday we played around in the morning for a little while, and the frog bite switched to more scattered grass for us. We caught several fish on an Arashi Top walker in the jr size. Had a real big one on a frog and a real long and skinny one! All of our other fish came from traps, rapala jerk baits, and spooks on the edge of the grass.

Start looking for grass mats the have been blown off and fish a Tightlines Swimjig in threadfin shad paired with a "True Bass" 99 Problems Little Head 4.5. Just cast and reel and work it through the grass. New frog mats are forming while others are disappearing. The fish will be eating with this fall temps finally arriving.

Lets go fishing! I have November 7-10,12-17, 28-30 available! I'm wide open until Thanksgiving finally. Lets go fishing! We will be frogging and throwing topwaters!

Capt Ryan Salzman 256-508-5260