Swimbait Kickers on Guntersville - April 7, 2014

Water Temperature: 60
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

This report is for last week. We started the day with a double! We have been doing that a lot lately :) Got to fish with some great guys from Illinois. We caught all of our fish on a 6 inch swimbait on 3/4 ounce heads. The big girls came out to play. A lot of strikes came while working the swimbait on the bottom slow like a jig. Our best 5 went around 27lbs this day. They went on to do very well in their tournament. The bite has since changed to a shallow one!

I had also shown the boys shallow areas to check after the warm up. The were able to sack em with swim jigs, buzzbaits, and rattletraps this weekend! They are in the full on spawning mode right now.

Good luck and tight lines!

Ryan Salzman