Santa Likes Jig Fishing on Guntersville

Water Temperature: 50
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Merry Christmas everyone! Santa came down from the North Pole to give Alabama Bass Guide a visit! Santa sure knows how to fish!!!

Fishing on Guntersville has been pretty consistent for us over the past week. Fish are biting jerkbaits, Tightline Jigs (Gville special with blue chunk), and the ol' Alabama Rig is definitely coming into play as these water temperatures are hovering around 50 degrees. I believe the have become educated to the rig, but when the water temperature hits 50 the bass begin to suspend off of vertical structure. This makes them prime targets for the ol' Alabama Rig and jerkbait.

I found a really nice school of spotted bass and largemouth the other day. They were all mixed together! It was really cool to catch one right after the other. One cast would yield a spot, followed by a largemouth, followed by a stripe. They are all hanging out together. Some of our quality fish have come off of deep rocky banks dragging a Tightline jig. We started throwing bright blue chunks on the back, and that seems to get them fired up right now. The water temperature will probably begin to dip into the upper 40s by the end of December. The fishing will only get better as the rest of the grass dies off. I have days open throughout the winter and I am booking up throughout the spring. Give me a call and lets go fishing!


Capt Ryan Salzman 256-508-5260