Recap of November Fishing Patterns - Lake Guntersville


PATTERNS Around LAKE Guntersville

Fishing on Guntersville had had its ups and downs This year with the never ending summer!!! FINALLY fall temperatures have settled in and they have switched gears into "lets eat boys!" The past two weeks have been the TRANSITION weeks. The most consistent bite remains to be in and around the grass. Hydrilla and milfoil lines with 2-8 foot of water are producing the best. Throw a True Bass Swimbait, chatterbait, trap, or Rapala X-Rap around the edges of the grass. Waterfront tackle now carries the perfect swimbait head for your swimbait, True Lock Swimbait head. No more super glue. One of the best lures this time of the year is a 3/8 ounce Tightlines Swim-jig around the edges of the grass with a True Bass Little Head 4.5 swimbait on the back. Cast and straight  retrieve it through the grass.


Late year FROGGIN!

Find the thickest nastiest mats of grass, pickup a black or toad color Terminator frog with 65lb Sufix braid on a 7'6'' H Fitzgerald rod and get to work. Don't "expect" a lot of bites, but don't be surprised to see 20+ blow ups if you commit to the FROG. Always follow up on a boil, and don't take it out of his strike zone if he misses it. Get it right back in there.  This is how you can catch a TRUE GIANT this time of the year. 


Some of the best fishing of the year is about to go down! Come fishing with Alabama Bass Guide and lets make some memories on the beautiful North Alabama Lakes. We have days available to take you fishing, and there won't be a dull moment. We use Fitzgerald Rods, Lews Reels, and we keep great fluorocarbon and braided line spooled up so you can get that fish to the boat!


Lets go fishing! Captain Ryan Salzman, 256-508-5260