Pickwick Smallmouth CHEWING! December 23, 2014

Big smallmouth pickwick lake

Water Temperature: 50
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Went out on Pickwick with a fun couple of guys looking for some smallmouth action. Man did they have it! The day started off fast catching two big smallmouth right off the bat. We had several bites that day that did not connect. The fish were in a finicky mood. They weren't very active like they had been throughout the day. The cold front made them a little more lethargic than normal.

We went from throwing swimbaits and crankbaits to dragging jigs on rock-piles to put some fish in the boat. We ran down river at the end of the day to put some more brown fish in the boat! The ones that live in the current fight HARD! They will strip some drag.

I have an opening on Friday next week, and some openings the following week. Give me a call and lets go fishing!

Captain Ryan Salzman aka Salzy!