November Guntersville Fishing Fun November 13, 2016

November Guntersville Fishing

Water Temperature: 66
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Whew we threw a frog all day except for an hour an a half we threw a True Bass Swimbait. Still having SEVERAL bites on a frog, but its been all we can do to hook them. Usually you have to cast back at them after one misses and creates a hole to get it. The reason for this is the wind we have had lately has really compacted several mats. They are so tight you will see the fish trying to come up and get it, but he cant! haha! Can be comical at times.

Other than that if you take a True Bass Swimbait 4.5, Rapala XRap 10, Shadow Rap, or True Bass on a swimjig and fish dead grass areas you will find fish. Don't think if you're not getting bit you're in the wrong area. A lot of it is timing right now. They are definitely starting to feed though. A lot of fat healthy fish out there.

I have days available so lets go fishing!

Capt Ryan Salzman 256-508-5260