Late February Lake Guntersville - February 19, 2014

Water Temperature: 51
Water Clarity: Not reported

This report is for the past couple of days on Guntersville. It really seems like the fish are in full Pre Spawn mode. The water has warmed up to 47 degrees on the main lake with backwater areas reaching 56+. With the recent full moon the fish are on the move! We have been catching fish on Alabama rigs, rattle traps, and swimbaits.

We started out the morning fishing a deep bank with an alabama rig. The fish were slow to eat at first, but after the second pass we started loading the boat. We made several passes and caught a great bag to start the morning off. We then moved to throwing a rattle trap around mid lake islands and began picking off fish here and there. You really have to work for your bites when you are covering grass flats.

Fish are following their usual migration routes following ditches, channel swings, and staging in deep areas next to flats. Once you catch a fish make sure to fish around because there is more than likely a group in the area. The best colors for us have been green gizzard shad in swimbaits, any kind of red type rattle trap and the standard chrome colors. Make sure to cover water and vary your retrieve. This is key to triggering strikes throughout the day. The best bite for size and numbers of good fish has been in the morning.

Good luck and tight lines.