Lake Guntersville is on Fire - February 28, 2014

Guntersville! Guntersville! She has been a BEAST LATELY!!!! Pumping out some really big fish for our clients.

Today I fished with a gentleman known by the name of JIMBO! Jimbo is a great fisherman and absolutely CRUSHED THEM with me today. However Jimbo did not want his picture taken, but gladly took my picture with HIS fish!!! HE caught 80% of these fish shown. We ran a lipless crankbait pattern along with a chunk rock pattern. We threw lipless crankbaits along flats adjacent to deep water. You would pick up a fish here and a fish there, but when you caught one you need to stay around because there are more nearby.

A DT10 has been king for us lately. Its quiet balsa wood action has been just what the fish ordered! We caught 30lbs by 900AM... All of these fish were stacked up on one area, and they were cookie cutter 6lbers!!!! It was an absolute amazing day. Jimbo had the biggest grin on his face. The best colors of choice have been disco shad and demon in DT10. Rayburn red has been catching the rattle trap fish. Make sure to yo yo it!

Come fishing with me I have days in the beginning of March open!

Tight Lines,

Ryan Salzman