Lake Guntersville Electronics Class and Fishing

Lake Guntersville Electronics Class and Fishing

electronics class fishing trip

Got to do an electronics class and tournament patterning trip with a talented high school angler. Definitely learned a ton and taught them how to utilize throwing the True Bass Swimbaits in tandom with their Lowrance electronics. Saving time on the water is a Crucial factor when tournament fishing and practicing. Even when fun fishing who doesn't want to be around the fish?!!

Guntersville is chocked full of grass this year. Part of some tough fishing is there is so much of grass its like hunting a needle in a haystack. Just like in the fall when there is miles of matted grass. Now there are miles of eel grass coupled with coontail, milfoil, and hydrilla. Come learn how to narrow down your search!

Had a short 6 hour trip in this post too. They were on their way to the beach, and wanted to learn how to drag soft plastics for bass and how to throw a frog.  They were super excited to take these techniques back up north! Definitely a successful trip.

I have days available this week.