January Recap 2017 - Lake Guntersville

January Fishing Lake Guntersville

Water Temperature: 50
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Man lets get caught up to date with the fishing on Lake Guntersville. I get busy and posting can get behind with me, I apologize! Basically from the beginning of January we were in a normal weather pattern based on historic averages. Then mother nature said, lets make Alabama into Florida! Highs have been into the 70s for weeks with periods of rain. Raising the water temp into the mid 50s and higher in parts. I am sure more than a few fish thought about spawning. Fishing was slow after the warm up because I think it sent them moving. Then the past few days fishing has been pretty phenomenal. Expect a shift once again with this blast of cold air about to blast into the Tennessee Valley. It will scatter fish out, but I think they will continue to chew. If it keeps going this way it could take some big weights for the FLW tournament. Long range forecast puts a HARD cold front around tournament time. That could put a damper on fish, or as many of us have experienced they could chew like crazy... No telling on the Big G!

Best lures for us have been by far the Little Head 4.5 True Bass Swimbait (available on www.trueswimbaits.com ). Rigged on various True Lock Head sizes for various fishing depths. Best colors have been 99 Problems, Green Bean, Hot Sauce, R2D2, and True Blue. If water is super clear Cream Pie will work wonders. When they don't want a swimbait you can pick up the faithful trap and get to slinging. I recommend using whatever color you have confidence in. Grass is different this year than the past 3 years. There is more of it! Not a bad thing. Fish like it, so should we! If it has a cold snap like predicted jerkbaits and jigs could play into the equation. I hope everyone has had a good year so far.