Hurricane Frogging and Flipping on Guntersville

Hurricane Froggin and Flipping on Guntersville

Alabama Bass Guide - Ryan Salzman - (256)508-5260

I had met a displaced Floridian that was running from the hurricane, and told him to come hop in the boat before it hit! He loved to bass fish and even brought his boat with him. We got a good 6 hours in before the rain and wind drove us off the lake. We caught several fish frogging, but the best bite became the flipping bite up in the day! Flipping Reaction innovation sweet beaver in Green Pumpkin and Hematoma. Kinky Beaver put several fish in the boat as well. Just find the thickest stuff you can see and put a big weight on and go through it. Thump! Make sure to use braid! We use 65lb Fitzgerald Braid on all of our frogging and flipping outfits.

Made a great friend and great memories!

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