Guntersville Topwater Fishing - July 9, 2014

Water Temperature: 84
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Was fortunate to take a father & son trip out for a 6 hour morning trip and man we had a blast! Total we caught around 15 fish with some great quality. Fish were all over our top water baits, and right off the bat we almost had one jump in the boat he hit it so close! It really had been fun out there. Even though we fished on a high pressure day the fish still ate for us. We fished the mid lake area from Waterfront to Goosepond throwing topwater baits, Texas rigged soft plastics, and Tightline football and grass jigs. There is a great ledge bite going on but when you can catch them exploding on the top of the water that's what I am going to do. It is a blast. Key is to find a good mix of the grasses on Guntersville. If you find good grass you'll find the bass.

The grass is looking great in a lot of areas, and it is behind due to the cold cold winter we had.

I have seen the spray boat out but they are only spraying boat houses and ramps. From what I have read it is the same program that took place from 1999-2008. The fishing was great then so why wouldn't it be now?! Lets go fishing! I have days available to take you.