Guntersville Swimbait Fishing - December 19, 2015

guntersville swimbait fishing

Water Temperature: 58
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Water temperatures were headed back up until today. However I don't think this small cold snap will really knock them down to average. The water temperature is between 57-61 depending on where you are at on the lake. Looking out at the forecast we will be back into the 70's for Christmas with a warm rain. You have to love El Nino right?

Pros and Cons.

Pros -The fish are eating pretty well because they still think its fall. -You don't have to fish slow to catch fish. -We saw one eat a buzzbait. -Best feeding times are in the afternoon. -They will hammer a True Bass Swimbait.

Cons -Fish are scattered. There aren't many places you can "load the boat" thats not a bridge. Those are still a grind if you want to catch them on a bridge. -Water is "Slightly" stained still from the massive amount of current that was pushed through the lake. -Floating eel grass.

Our best areas remain to be around nice green hydrilla thats on slight contour/depth changes. Throw a Little head 4.5 down the edge and you will get one to bite it eventually. If they aren't feeding you might want to take a nap a drag a carolina rig. All in all there is some exciting fishing to be had on Guntersville thanks to El Nino...

Don't forget we have a $250 Christmas Special through December 31. A few days left open.

Lets go fishin!

Capt. Ryan Salzman 256-508-5260