Guntersville Spring Froggin! April 24, 2014

Water Temperature: 73
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

We had an absolutely awesome day on Guntersville catching some topwater frog fish! Fish are still moving up to spawn and more are moving into their "post-spawn" mode. There are tons of ways to catch them right now on Guntersville so you can pretty much pick how YOU want to catch them. Certain techniques are yielding larger fish including: topwater frogs over grass, texas rigs over humps, and sight fishing for bedding bass.

A crazy thing happened today when a fish came up and ate the frog... HE must of had a lamprey on his face because instead of hooking the fish I hooked the LAMPREY~!! "Featured above^^" He was tough to get off the hook...

Things are changing everyday on Guntersville, but the best frog bite has been when the sun is high up and zero clouds. It is really pushing them under cover. When the clouds come out you can throw swimjigs and swimbaits and entice some strikes.

The offshore fishing should get better as more fish come off of beds. Lets go fishing! Topwater bite is going to be super nasty soon.