Guntersville Spawn is ON - April 25, 2014

Water Temperature: 74
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Fished for a 3/4 day with some great Tennessee boys. We started off the morning in crowed Rayovac areas, but they were crowded for a reason. Had an old college bud show up to an area we were fishing so we let him have it right off the bat, and went to a new area. We began to get blow ups on the frog, however they wouldn't fully eat it! We had to switch to soft plastics to coax our fish into biting today. We caught around 15-20 fish with several 4lb and 5lb fish.

I did lose a MONSTER on a frog. Probably the most violent strike to date. He about jerked the rod out of my hand. Wish I had more line out for him to take it! We will get him next time.

We are fishing shallow water spawning flats in the mid lake areas from North Sauty to Waterfront. However, there are fishing from 20 feet to 0 feet right now. You can run several patterns on Guntersville "weather/wind" permitting.

We have a bachelor party group trip over the next couple days. Looking forward to having some fun with the boys.

Good luck!