Guntersville October Frog Fishing 2015

guntersville frog fishing

Water Temperature: 75
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Man the frog fishing on Guntersville has been EXPLOSIVE for us the past week. We have caught them very consistently and had action throughout each day. Some days they will just knock it 3 feet in the air and never get it and some days you can not take it away from them!! I think our best day so far was probably 30 blowups and 20+ fish all on a frog! Man it is just so awesome to see them annihilate it through the grass mat. Definitely the most exciting style of fishing you can do. I have openings on OCT 23, 30, NOV 3-5, and some more farther out. If you want to get in on the frog fishing call now before we have to throw a swimbait :) Because that would be terrible (sarcasm).

The best frog bite is consistently from 11:00AM-01:00PM. We have been throwing a new Terminator frog. Bigger body and a little heavier to cast farther. Black camo and Hot mud have been by far the best colors. They aren't sold locally so get them off Tackle Warehouse before they're gone. I had some clients start buying them up LOL.

Lets go fishing!

Capt Ryan Salzy Salzman 256-508-5260