Guntersville Ledge Fishing - June 15, 2015

Guntersville Ledge Fishing

Water Temperature: 86
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Guntersville has been fishing pretty great the past couple weeks. With the water temp rising and the new grass growing the big girls have been chomping! Have a had numerous trips. Here is a quick summary of how the lake is fishing.

Fish are transitioning into stable summer patterns. While some fish are moving back into the grass with the hydrilla and milfoil beginning to top out in areas. Baits that are working are carolina rigs, Rapala DT 20's in DISCO shad, swimbaits (True Bass), big spoons, tight line jigs, and texas rigs. Pretty much a plethora of baits to throw right now! Which makes it a lot of fun catching fish on different techniques throughout the day.

Give me a call I have a few days left for the month: 22, 24, 29, & 30.

Lets go fishin'! 256-508-5260

Alabama Bass Guide Ryan Salzman