Guntersville Lake Warm up- Pre Bassmaster Classic Report - February 24, 2014

Water Temperature: 55
Water Clarity: Not reported

This report is for last Wednesday and Thursday. I was so busy with the Classic I did not have time to post! I will have a full report coming from the Classic soon.

The water temperature is finally climbing into the mid to upper 50s in some areas. This really has a lot of bass on the move to their seasonal transition areas. Last Wednesday was an amazing day of fishing... The big sals were up and crusing the flats. We began our day near Goosepond throwing red eye shad traps in the ditches and flats. First off we caught a 5 lber in the first ditch we came to. We began running ditches throughout the area and began to put fish in the boat! We did not put a trap down all day. We stopped and ate lunch at Goosepond. Amazing chicken sandwiches and burgers. Fish are using the ditches as highways to enter into their spawning grounds.

On Thursday, "Classic Eve," I had a group of guys from Canada that wanted to see the famous Lake Guntersville and see what patterns and techniques the pro's would be using. We began on a steep bank with lay-downs throwing single swimbaits catching 10-15 fish. It is a really fun bite when you dial them in! After that they wanted to see the famous trap bite and see if they could catch a few. They ended up catching some great fish, and couldn't believe how hard our fish fight. We did happen to have a GIANT come unbuttoned at the boat. This fish was a bulldog and we could not turn her. Estimated 8+. All of our fish were caught on secondary grass points shooting out towards the main river. The fish seemed to back out closer to deeper water this day due to the 30mph South wind.

Guntersville is really heating up and the fish are on the move! Cold fronts will make fishing tougher, but throughout each warm up more fish flood to the shallows. Get out on Lake Guntersville! Good luck.

Tight Lines, Salzy.