Guntersville Jigs on Fire! March 14, 2014

Water Temperature: 55
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Guntersville is on FIRE! The big girls are staged up and they are HUNGRY! There are definite feeding periods taking place throughout the day. We caught a good sack of fish every time the fish turned on. Our best 5 of the day pushing 30 pounds.

All of our fish came on Tightline jigs in Guntersvile Special and a Rapala DT10s. The big sack of fish at the end all came off the DT10. Find rock piles and shell beds and scan for shad. If the shad are there then the bass aren't far away. Once you bang a rock or a stump with the DT10 let it float up. The balsa wood has a slower float up and the fish can't stand it.

With this next warm up, coupled with the full moon, and TVA raising the water. The big girls are full of eggs and ready to do their thing shallow.

CPT Jake Davis with Mid South Bass Guide caught an 11lber this week!!! Congratulations!!! It was also caught on a G'ville Special Tightline jig.

Give me a call I have days available to fish with you!

Tight Lines,

Ryan Salzman