Guntersville Frog Fishing Mid October 2015

Guntersville Frog Fishing Mid October 2015

Water Temperature: 71
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Well the past few trips have been exciting and slow at the same time. With these first few harsh cold snaps that we have been getting there are DEFINITELY dead periods throughout the day. Don't let anyone fool you, it is a grind out there. BUT, for those that stick it out the fishing can be very rewarding. It is hard to let a frog sit for 10+ seconds at a time all day, but right now that seems to be the best tactic to getting a frog bite. There are feeding periods throughout the day where you can speed it across the mat with fish attacking it, but all in all slow and steady wins the race right now. Hold on though; because they bite aggressively when they decide to eat. We have been catching some good quality fish every time we go out, and it is explosive when they bite.

With the colder weather the Gville special Tightlines football jig, True Bass swimbaits, spooks, and crankbait bites should pick up. I have days available starting November.

Days are starting to fill up in the first and second weeks. Best bite of the fall is coming up!

Lets go fishin! Capt Ryan "Salzy" Salzman 256-508-5260