Guntersville Foodland Tournament 3rd Place 2016

Guntersville Foodland Tournament

Water Temperature: 81
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

This report is for last weekend for the Foodland fishing tournament hosted by Chris Lane Fishing. What a fantastic weekend of fishing. Hands down the best fishing day I've ever had. We caught well over 100 fish but the KICKER was 20-30 of them were all over 5 pounds!! We started off the day with around 17lbs on a morning stop. Our third stop, a school I found tripled in size and it was lights out... We had 2 hours of cranking madness throwing a Rapala DT20 Metal in Disco Shad. We had more doubles on a crankbait than I have ever seen. A little fish would have it and come up jumping with it and a giant would come up and smash it like a topwater! It was the coolest experience I have ever had.

Once the crankbait bite slowed down we started throwing the 4.5 inch True Bass Swimbait on the new 3/4 ounce True Lock Head, and we culled twice with the swimbait. We caught another 7lber and one a little over 6 pounds. We ended up with 20lbs in our 3 fish limit, but would have had 32 LBS and change with our best five!!

All week practice was like that for us. Having 25-30 pounds each day.

Bullshad bite is about to kick off...

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