Guntersville Fishing in July - July 13, 2015

Guntersville July Fishing

Water Temperature: 86
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Guntersville has been fishing well. Seems like each day you have to make a small adjustment to keep the fish biting. The adjustment lately has been throwing 4.5 inch swimbaits over top the grass. They will absolutely hammer it... A small weighted screw lock with a 4.5 True bass on the back is the ticket. We covered a bunch of water and put some quality fish in the boat. Make sure you are around clear water. If its slightly stained dye the tail chartruese or throw the "hot sauce" color. The color we have been throwing in clear water has been ICU around the mid lake area. Main channel grass bars and humps.

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It is getting hot again but the fish are biting! Give me a call for some topwater and swimbait action! Lets go fishin'

Capt Salzy 256-508-5260