Frog Fishing Lake Guntersville - One Rod

Frog Fishing Lake Guntersville - One Rod

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  • 7'8'' Heavy Frog Rod by Sinister Rods
  • 7.1:1 BB1Z Pro Lews Reel
  • 65lb Power Pro Braid

frog fishing lake guntersville

This is my one frog rod. Do yourself a favor when you decide to come to Guntersville to fish. Have one rod on the deck, keep a spare in the locker in case you break it hoisting a 10lber out of the thick hydrilla mat. Color doesn't matter too too much. My go to choice is rain forest black. I keep it stupid simple.

You can decide to frog fish at anytime of the year on Guntersville if you want to. If you want to become a successful frog fisherman the best way to do it is to keep this one rod in your hand all day long. Pick your favorite frog. Tie it on and don't look back. Buy some glass rattles if you are fishing thick matted grass, and shove them inside your frog. Several frogs already come with rattles. There are many options, but the best I have found are:

  • Spro 65
  • Snag Proof Phat Frog
  • Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog

You will not go wrong by choosing any of these frogs, especially if its brown or black (hint hint). Don't make it complicated. What matters is your persistence and your cadence.

STOP. Thats right stop. That is what you need to do while fishing a frog. Too many people fish it steady in a mat. Of course if they are aggressive you will draw strikes, but they will miss it, or you'll fish right through them most times. If you are covering water give it a 2 second or so pause in between cadences, and if you have found fish give it a 3 to 5 count. Trust me. Make sure to let the fish take the frog fully under the mat of grass before setting the hook. This will greatly increase your hook up ratio. Rule of thumb is a 2 Mississippi.

If you are fishing open water or scattered grass I use the spro popping frog. A steady walk the dog cadence is my favorite. I trim the tails up to about an inch and a half from the butt of the frog. Don't make one longer than the other, just pop on slack line and she will pivot back and forth making the walk the dog action. This is a great way to target fish with a frog. I will have several shad options in the popping series. Can't go wrong with Sexy Shad.

Other than that cover water cover water to find them then STOP! when you do.

I hope these tips help put more frog fish in your boat. To book a frog fishing trip call Ryan!

Ryan Salzman,

Alabama Bass Guide