FLW Tour Report - Guntersville 2/4/2017

FLW Tour Report - Guntersville 2/4/2017

FLW Tour Guntersville Fishing Report

Water Temperature: 53
Water Clarity: 1 foot

This Report is for the week and weekend of the FLW TOUR event. SO you could just call this the FLW Tour report! I fished the FLW TOUR as a coangler. I got out by myself to see what baits were working in some areas and had a good day on Tuesday. Had around 15 fish on True Bass Swimbaits, Traps, Jerkbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits... basically caught a fish on about every lure. I ended up zeroing both days of the event as a co-angler. NO we are not allowed to give the pros ANY information. I sat back there and did the best I could. Ended up catching only short fish. Caught those on a True Bass 5.5 and a jerkbait. lol!

After the tournament I had a pre tournament client on Sunday. Pulled into an area and right off the bat hook a 4lb+ on a plug. Had some boats around so we let her swim around the boat till she got off... haha! Then chunked a True Bass Perfect Head 5.5 around a minute and caught a solid fish. Went chunking a squarbill around and had my client catch a 4lber. No picture. Went and hit some more areas and caught fish on every stop we had.

We took out and went to another section of the lake so we didn't have to drive on the Lake. Right off the bat started catching some more fish. Client caught a 3 lber, then I caught around 6 more 2 to 4 lb fish. Went and showed more areas, without casting, for them to check in practice. Then we called it a day. The trip made me wish I had the money to compete in the Tour.

Super proud of Jon Henry and Alex Davis for representing the guides well! Great job!

I have days available, and I am starting to fill up so give me a shout and lets go fishing!

Capt Ryan "Salzy" Salzman, 256-508-5260