Fishing Lake Guntersville In the Summer 2018

Fishing Lake Guntersville In The Summer

Alabama Bass Guide,

Ryan Salzman -

During the middle of summer when the temperatures are beating down on you there is no better way to catch a big fish than looking deep. You can go shallow and throw senkos and pop r type baits and catch quantity for sure, but if you want big mama your probability is higher probing the depths with your Lowrance Side Scan and Down Scan.

I spend days upon days idling, scanning, looking... for the beautiful dots that line the bottom of the lake that tell me bass are living there.

Lowrance Down Scan

Once you find them you have to catch them. I offer a full service electronics course that teaches you how to find the fish, know they're bass, and then how to catch the fish that you find. Each ledge or hump can be different in the way you approach fishing the structure. There is no better lure than the Jig to get the job done day in and day out. A tight lines Muscle Crawler jig in 3/4 ounce with a Strike King Rage Craw is top notch. Keep your colors simple. Green Pumpkin. Line up with the fish, and drag it as slow as you can. Most of the time one will have it before it hits the bottom.


Once I catch one with the jig I immediate fire the True Bass Swimbait Perfect Head 5.5 on a 3/4 ounce True Lock Swimbait Head. Color - 99 Problems. Let it hit the bottom and begin the retrieve. My favorite reel for this setup is a Lews BB1 Pro in a 7 or 6 gear ratio with 15 to 17lb fluorocarbon. I use a Sinister Rods 7'8'' Heavy swimbait rod. It is one of the best in my opinion. Usually I will catch several in a row if I can get one to fire. After that I will begin rotation different baits in and out to maximize a spot before moving on. When I am out just playing I usually don't try to hurt them too bad because we can target fish so well these days they don't stand a chance deep. Unless there's a big event I don't lean on em too hard. I catch a handful and let them be. Usually the biggest ones are the first to eat anyways.







A buzzbait or bullshad over submerged hydrilla in the mornings and evenings on Guntersville this time of year can be dynamite as well. Braid is the go to choice for line type. Cover water and hold on! You are liable to catch a hydrilla gorilla.

If you would like to fish Guntersville or Pickwick Lake in the summer or like to learn how to target fish like this and enhance your ability to find fish year round. Feel free to give me a call. I would love to teach you.



Captain Ryan Salzman

Alabama Bass Guide