Feeding Times on Guntersville - March 25, 2014

Water Temperature: 55
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

I had an up and down kind of day!!! The morning started off EXTREMELY tough for me. Then like flipping on a light switch the big girls came out to play after lunch. These fish are definitely going through feeding periods throughout the day and you have to put yourself in the right areas during those times. All of these fish pictured above are different fish caught at different times!

I had the pleasure of taking out a Commander of an Air Force base. He and his son are quite the fisherman!! They have the patience it takes to catch the big girls. We started out throwing jigs in 8-22 FOW and dragging them through the rocks. Once you get caught on a rock, hop it 2-3 times and they usually eat it. A lot of strikes are coming either on the initial fall or the first 2-3 hops. We are throwing Green pumpkin and Guntersville Special Tightline jigs. These fish love them... Focus on choke points like ditches and creek channels leading to spawning flats.

Once the sun came out the fish began to lock down tighter to structure. We cranked some old road beds with DT14 in Demon and DT10s in a custom painted color. The key to the crankbait bite right now is to hammer some rocks fast and let the crankbait float up. The balsa wood has a slower rise and the fish will THUMP it!

I have days available to fish with you! April 14-17, 21-24, and 28th. Lets go fishin!!!


USCG Captain Ryan Salzman