Fall Topwater Fishing on Guntersville - October 2016

fall topwater fishing

Water Temperature: 72
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Well its about time fall rolled in! The temps have finally started cooling off, but we are still 5-10 degrees above average. At least the temperatures will hover around 80 for highs. I think the fishing is finally getting in gear. I had a last minute afternoon 4 hr trip yesterday and we hammered them... We caught around 50+ fish on Arashi Top Walkers, Rapala X-Prop, True Bass Swimbaits (little head 4.5), Frog, and Flipping a beaver style bait. Fish size ranging from small to big! I have some news for Guntersville fear mongering... There is a HECK of a population of yearlings right now. Which gets me super excited. Every lake this year has been WEIRD... from Seminole to Chic to Pickwick to KY LAKE to Guntersville. Most likely due to our weird spring flooding, summer heat, and summer drought.

Back to yesterday... We had a few more great big blow ups that missed the bait. The killer really was the Rapala prop bait. You would throw it out and let it sit in a hole... wait about 20 seconds.. and BOOM! It was awesome... Congrats to James Stoler winning the NBT with 14lbs on a post frontal day. The fish are finally stabilizing with the weather a little bit, and hopefully should be more consistent. I have Tuesday available and now book for November.

Lets go fishing and see the gorgeous fall colors.

Capt Ryan "Salzy" Salzman 256-508-5260