Fall Topwater and Swimbait Action - Lake Guntersville

Fall Topwater and Swimbait Action - Lake Guntersville

Alabama Bass Guide - Ryan Salzman - (256) 508-5260

Had a few clients from out of town just looking to catch fish! They were here for several days looking for tight lines, and tight lines we found! Best baits were the ICE Vixen and True Bass  4.5 on a 1/2 ounce True Lock Swimbait Head. We targeted chasing fish both days.

We actually would start each morning chunking a BullSHAD over the grass looking for a big bite. I had an absolute giant come off right at the boat on the 3rd cast of the morning. It was every bit of an 8lb class fish. Never expected to hook into one that FAST!! It was incredible. Happened so fast I couldn't even be mad about it... Now it stings a little. Then we transitioned to the schooling fish over grass flats and points. I know this they went and immediately bought a bullshad and several True Bass Swimbaits after seeing what they could do. We didn't have to change out our swimbait all day. Catching 20 fish a piece on it. Some big, most small, but had a BLAST doing it.

We did catch a couple on a frog, one being a 4lber. Didn't do it very long. Frog bite still going strong! Call me and lets go fishin!

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