Early Season Ledge Fishing - Throw Big Baits

Early Season Ledge Fishing - Throw Big Baits

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When big bass go deep after spawning... They want to rest and recuperate.The quickest way for these fish to regain their strength is to eat a big meal. When you understand this you can fully take advantage of this time of year for big bass.

My go to baits for going big this time of year are:

  • Big Head 7.5 from True Bass Swimbaits
  • Giant Ben Parker Spoon
  • Big A$$ Jig
  • 10XD
  • GIANT Worms

I literally have these things tied on my deck for the first month of ledge fishing. I will add smaller baits to the line up to put fish in the boat if it gets slow. Then I will throw the True Bass 4.5 and 5.5 on 1/2 and 3/4 ounce True Lock Heads. Ill have a shaky head or drop shot rigged as well.

This picture a bass surfaced thrashing around right in front of us during a guide trip during the first week of May on a hot day. I thought my client had hooked this giant. He thought I had hooked this giant. We soon realized what was going on. We got over to the fish and saw this BIG shell cracker stuck in its throat. We scooped it up in the net, and saved both of the fish. I had to fizz the fish slightly for it to swim back down. It was an amazing sight to see, and really proved the principle I am talking about above. Go big or go home this time of year!

Give me a call and lets go fishing!

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