Early March Cold Front - Lake Guntersville - March 1, 2014

Water Temperature: 51
Water Clarity: Not reported

Hey guys! Have to run to I will be quick with this one.

We had another INCREDIBLE day on lake Guntersville with our best 5 for the day easily pushing 26+lbs.

Fish have pulled back out a little bit with the latest cool weather that pushed through. Dropping main lake temps to almost 48 degrees. This really has fished grouped up on main lake humps, ditches, and creek channels. When you find them you find them!!! We caught over 40 fish today throwing Rapala DT10s, DT14s, a 3 inch green tube, and dragging a Tightline Guntersville Special around. Make sure you are bumping your crankbaits off of bottom to get that reaction bite. If you aren't hitting rocks fish a deeper diver. Be patient once you find fish and work the area thoroughly.

I have days throughout March to fish with you! Including these first couple weeks. If you are considering learning the lake now is a great time!

Tight Lines,

Ryan Salzman