Early Fall Fishing Lake Guntersville

Early Fall Fishing Lake Guntersville

Alabama Bass Guide

Ryan Salzman - alabamabassguide@gmail.com

Summer temperatures are still lingering. The days are getting shorter. The bait begins to bunch up on the surface in the afternoon and evening time. The start making their way toward the mouth of the creeks, and schooling activity begins in the grass. Water temperature has fallen from 87 to 83 degrees, and there is some hope of remorse from the heat. The fish are enjoying the cooler nights, and so should we!

During this time of year the weather patterns are wishy washy with the colder weather. We may have 2 to 3 days of sanctuary from the heat, before another southerly ridge builds, blocking the cool weather from entering Alabama. Much like Alabama's defense.

The fish are starting to chase and feed up with the temperature falling slightly, so here are some baits to target these fish during the month of August and September. I call it the Florida Rig... its a 1/8 ounce pegged skinny dipper from Reaction Innovations to reel through the grass. If you could pick one bait for the scattered grass this time of year this would be it! Guntersville shad and bad shad are my go to colors, and sexy shad for some off colored water.

Big Worm! When the heat kicks in and Guntersville Lake falls flat without any wind; dig in the tackle box, and pick up a 10 inch worm to throw on the edge of the grass. This will catch big fish, as well as small fish. Cover water and stay on the main channel grass focusing on steep drops of hydrilla. Best colors for the worm are watermelon seed, plum, redbug, and green pumpkin. Chartreuse dye on the tail doesn't hurt either!

Fishing deep! Yes, one of my favorite ways to still catch the fish this time of year is deep. They have seen a lot of lures over the summer, so pull out a drop shot with a Reaction Innovations Sliver Shot in morning dawn. Rig it on 8lb fluorocarbon and a 1/4 ounce drop shot weight. I prefer a ball or tear drop shape. Find them with your Lowrance drop down and...

Last, but not least is the FROG! This is where the transition into the all mighty frog comes in. I will save you time on where to look during this warm period. Go up river from Goosepond and North! This is where the grass tops out the quickest, so this is where it will thin out the quickest. Find those mats that are popping like rice crispy treats, then throw your hollow body frog of choice on 65lb braid as far as you can into the middle of it! Hold on. Once mid September hits this pattern is more prevalent across the entire lake, but it starts as early as August. f

             frog fishing lake guntersville

If you would like to learn how to fish Guntersville, or any other Lakes in Alabama give me a call!

Ryan Salzman, Alabama Bass Guide