Early April Guntersville Fishing - April 8, 2015

Water Temperature: 65
Water Clarity: Not reported

Guntersville is fishing very well for numbers and quality being hit or miss at times. This is the SPAWNING season... Fish act funny at times, but VERY predictable. The hardest part seems to be connecting with the fish that bite on some days. Went out with Mr. Smiley at the beginning of the week and the fish cooperated! Found some new areas with some larger spawning fish, and we were able to catch several 2-3lb males off of transition areas. Focusing on 0-6 foot of water. Baits of choice are D-Stroyers, True Bass Little Head 4.5 (Chatterbait Trailer), and top water!

Have a few days available on the 23 and 24 of this month. Would love to have you in my boat!

Lets go fishing!

Alabama Bass Guide

Ryan Salzman