Winter Fishing - Lake Guntersville

Winter Fishing - Lake Guntersville

Alabama Bass Guide - Ryan Salzman

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Alabama Bass Guide Lake Guntersville

Lake Guntersville fished great this past December! We caught fish all month, and tons of numbers. The health and wealth of Lake Guntersville is very promising... Several days over 22lbs. The best baits were the True Bass Swimbait 4.5 in R2D2 rigged on a 1/2 and 3/4 ounce True Lock Head. If you haven't had a chance to try the baits yet use the code TRYUS20 for 20% off your order on . Or if you love our stuff take advantage of a limited time free shipping code "lastcast".

The fall bite lasted all the way through December. The fish were really shallow prior to the arctic blast we had at the beginning of the New Year. I always tell me clients everyday to have an open mind and lets go fishing! That was the key to our success throughout December. Some days we caught them on main lake channel swings in 15-20 foot of water and other days we caught them in the shallow flats chasing bait fish like it was October. On grass lakes this pattern usually holds on longer than non-grass lakes due to the shallow vegetation. The grass gives the bait a great source of food, and in turn the bass have a great source of food!

Key bait for us were the True Bass Swimbait, Jerkbaits, The Alabama Rig outfitted with little dippers with a True Bass Little Head 4.5 in the center. Always rig the 4.5 on the 1/4 ounce 4/0 True Lock Swimbait Head. I had some that lasted me two weeks fishing every other day. The baits are extremely durable, and when paired with the True Lock it becomes like a hard bait almost... If you have to chance one you're wrecking em. The best jerkbait color was a Clear AYU or Chartreuse Shad color. Use the Guntersville Shad, Bad Sexy, Bad Shad Green, and Sexy Shad with the Reaction Innovations Little Dippers.

  • Jerkbait Cadence: Get it to depth, 1-3 jerks, pause 3-8 seconds
  • True Bass 4.5 Retrieve: 6.8:1 Lews Reel, 15lb fluoro, 1/2 ounce - Steady retrieve
  • True Bass 5.5 Retrieve: 6.8:1 Lews Reel, 17/20lb fluoro, 3/4 ounce - Intermitant
  • Alabama Rig Retrieve: 6.8:1 Lews Reel, 65lb braid, 1/8 ounce 3/0 true locks - Intermitant

If you want to learn new techniques and learn how to find fish better give me a call! I can help with your tournament and fun fish needs. I look forward to fishing with you! I will be doing a forecast video and long blog here soon about what this New Year holds for us with all of this cold air we've had at the beginning of 2018.

Take care and tight lines! Lets go fishing.

Captain Ryan Salzman USCG/ARMY


True Bass Swimbait Lake Guntersville 

  Lake Guntesville Swimbait r2d2