Choking a Jig on Guntersville - December 21, 2014

guntersville special tightline jig on guntersville

Water Temperature: 50
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

The jig bite on Guntersville has began to turn on for us this past week. Looking forward to getting on the water Tuesday as this front comes through. The big girls should start eating! We had a great week catching fish consistently on the X Rap 10 in Albino Shiner and Glass Ghost. Out of no where the bigger fish decided to start chomping on a Tightlines Guntersville Special 1/2 ounce jig; with a black/blue craw on the back.

We are catching fish on deep grass edges in 12-20 FOW with stumps scattered throughout the bottom. The fish will suspend on these edges making them prime targets for a jerkbait. The reason the xrap is working so well is because it suspends perfectly with these water temperatures. You want it to sit dead still with the nose slightly down. Not rising, not sinking, dead still. They will nail it. I hope everyone has a great Christmas week.

Give me a call for a fishing trip with your family! Full day is $250 for a full day!

Merry Christmas,

Capt. Salzy 256-508-5260