Best Day Ever on Guntersville Lake 33lbs - March 4, 2014

Water Temperature: 51
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

I believe I just had the best day ever with a client on Lake Guntersville. It was the on of the best days of fishing I have ever had. We ended up catching 29.4lbs by noon and culled up to 33lbs by 3PM. God is great.

We started off the morning cranking DT10s on rocky banks along bridges near mid lake and on the 5th cast we caught an 8.5lber!! WOW. We caught 4 more of our fish running the same pattern. We switched to a Guntersville special jig around 1030 and began to load the boat! They had just cut the current on and the fish positioned perfect along the main lake banks.

We took pictures of our big fish and weighed them at noon, then decided to go rattle trap fishing. We never thought we would catch more fish that we could cull with. The sun had come out for about an hour and the big girls decided to move up and sun themselves. We ended up catching several more 5lbers and one over 7lbs! It was an absolutely perfect day. I couldn't have dreamed it better.

We just had another cold front and it has the fish loaded up in pre spawn areas. They are chomping at the bit to flood to the shallow areas. This steady week of warm weather should do it. Give me a call and lets go fishing!! I still have days available in March and April.

Tight Lines,

Ryan Salzman