April Sight Fishing Guntersville

April Sight Fishing Guntersville

Guntersville Fishing Report - Alabama Bass Guide

sight fishing guntersville

Water Temperature: 75
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Did an afternoon trip and had BLAST sight fishing and frogging. Caught his first sight fish ever and first frog fish ever. He normal likes throwing my True Bass 4.5 over grass beds, but I think I may have converted him to shallow water LOL.

I cannot stress the importance of having Power Poles for sight fishing and frogging. I finally put them on this year and we have put several more fish in the boat every day because of it. I'm tickled pink to have them :) We literally could never have caught those sight fish without them. It'd have to be dead calm. Bait didn't matter much. Just had to work the fish over. Several fry guarders out there too. Caught a few of them as well.

I have days available this week!

Capt SALZY, 256-508-5260