Alabama Bass Trail Lake Guntersville 2016

Alabama Bass Trail Lake Guntersville

Water Temperature: 63
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Alabama Bass Guide - Ryan Salzman - (256)-508-5260

MAN! I have gotten behind on submitting these reports... Once we get in full swing its tough to get on here and post some reports! Super busy.

This is from Guntersville this past Saturday. We managed to catch 20.30lbs, good enough for 7th place and moved up to 12th in points! My lovely daughter Jenna came to see me weigh in and joined us on stage! We had one of those crazy awesome days where everything went perfect until we hit our 20lbs. THEN, things started to get weird... Fish were SLAMMING my True Bass Swimbait and then pulling off somehow, and I mean GROWN ONES...

I fish swimbaits a TON and hardly ever do the fish get off with the bites we were getting! Knocking 5 feet of slack in our line!!! Usually they have it CHOKED when that happens. We were definitely on a winning pattern. Regardless we had a blast catching fish on True Bass Swimbaits all day on R2D2, ICU, True Blue, and 99 Problems in the little head 4.5.

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