6.41 for the Lady! Guntersville Lake Report February 9, 2017

Guntersville Lake Report February 9, 2017

February Guntersville Fishing Report

Water Temperature: 55
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

This report was for the Friday before the Rat L Trap tournament. I had a wonderful client from Tennessee. She had always fished with her father, and wanted to go enjoy the lake. Her goal was to catch a big fish. Her old personal best was 5.3lbs.

We took to the lake out of Goosepond and started fishing traps in shallow grass. This day was post frontal with wind blowing like crazy!! She was a trooper. I taught her how to rip the trap from the grass, and even made some modifications to help her work the bait. I started off catching around 8 fish. Then she got the feel of ripping the bait and BOOM 3.5lb fish! She was ecstatic. Then not 20 minutes later she caught a 6.41 pound BEAST!! On a spinning rod! She couldn't believe it. We fought the fish for around 3 minutes! It was running around like crazy. After that we caught small fish compared to that one. All in all we had a fantastic day.

Capt Ryan "Salzy" Salzman, 256-508-5260

Give me a call and lets go fishing! I have February 27th and 28th available, March 1, 2, 6-8, 16, 20-22, 31.

Mark 6:41 New International Version (NIV)

41 Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to his disciples to distribute to the people. He also divided the two fish among them all.